Hello Everyone,

We had done a successful meeting today about how to improve Windows Server technology security, Mostly in Windows Server 2016 and above.

In this meeting we talked about network side of the environment which contains Windows Server 2016 in a large number quantity with 13 participants.

Firstly, we discussed about how Network Engineers will make it safe and secure for the System Administrators, So server admins can make sure any influences from the network side is restricted.

Like configuring Firewalls or UTMs correctly or even ACLs in routers.

For us, who wants to manage server farm environemt we all agree that making Windows Firewall to restrict anything in the first step is required. And then just by writing simple rules to open ports or IP and even just for an application is the appropriate way to make it secure in the first step.

in the second step making a clear plan for which server features or roles we need to install or even which edition of Microsoft windows server technology we need to install is the second most important. It has many benefits in our environment overall performance too.

In Windows Server 2016, if you are using Hyper-V making VMs shielded with the VM Guard is the most important ones.

In conclusion, we had reach many effective results in Server administration. I will share all of the result soon from my blog.


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