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In this article I am going to write about the differences between Public Cloud with examples of some and Private Cloud again with some examples and scenarios of Private Clouds which can be done in an in-place environment.

Let’s starts with Public Cloud:
The meaning of Public cloud sometimes when someone new to IT industry or any normal user or client is like Cloud?!! what’s happening in the cloud?! let’s make it clear that Cloud is like working hundreds of physical computers with shared storage and resources to keep us available to our data either on the internet or in the local. Cloud is sometime reffered as without user or administrator direct management.
Let’s get into the detail and see what is differences between Public and Private Cloud.
Public Cloud:
Public clouds are cloud services which you purchase from a third-party provider in order to keep your data, create a website or even serve a service from a VirtualMachine which you can even keep it in the cloud providers cloud. These shared computer resource which I’ve mentioned eariler is provided by the third-party cloud provider and the user is just paying for what they use in the cloud and what user going to lease as a service.
Sometimes users pay for compute based usage and sometime users pay for storage usage which depends on every cloud providers sale and usage policy.
Some examples of public cloud providers are like: Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud etc…
Here I’m writing more about Microsoft Azure services in TechNet Wiki.
Private Cloud:
Every computer or resoucers which you own in your place and want to make them share a common resouce like storage and keep working together to decrease down time and increase High Availibility in your environment and give more reliable service to your customers and clients, this is where Private Cloud scenarios came into place.
Private Clouds zero to hundred management is with the administrator of the cloud and the full responsibility is on the owner, however in comparison with public clouds, Infrastructure and the resouces are managed by the third-party cloud provider and the user is responsible for what bought, what configured and what’s going to provide to their clients.
Here in this link the services like iaas, paas and saas is provied with guidelines and the services which provided with them.

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