Windows Quick Access Shortcut Commands [ My TechNet Wiki Post ]

Access Windows Servcies with MSC Commands.

Hello Wiki, sometimes I see some experts follow GUI pathes in order to access a service panel to configure or rearrange it. However, accessing them through RUN or start menu as a shortcut with just a simple command would make it quickly and easier to access.
Here is some of them I learnt through the years and wanted to share it with Wiki.

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Microsoft Docs

Hello Everybody,

Today I want to share a link with you wich helps you to get train and authentic documentation about Microsoft Products.

Here is the link :

Microsoft Docs will help you in order to achieve which kind a training you want to get.

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Welcome to Microsoft MCT Official Learning Blog

Hello Everyone,

This is my pleasure if you are visiting my blog for Microsoft related Technologies solutions, and I am trying to do my best to publish latest news and updates about the Technologies listed below.

◙ Windows Server 2019

◙ Windows Server 2016

◙ Windows Server 2012

◙ Exchange Server 2013

◙ Exchange Server 2016

◙ Exchange Server 2019

◙ Skype For Business 2015

◙ Skype for Business 2019

◙ Sharepoint 2019

◙ System Center 2019


We are going to announce that we will have webinars and conferences about mentioned technologies which can be seen in Events tab

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