Azure Migration Strategies

Hello Blog,

Here I am again, this time wanna write a short article about the strategies that we are able use when we decide to Migrate our current datacenter to a Public Cloud ( Microsoft Azure ), well recently in the previous topics I tried to explain in detail which benefits could the service lead and how it will help you to save more than 60% of Costs in a next 6 Years of cost determination, so here also we’re going to talk about the strategies that will help us to quickli identify the needs and the steps that we need to take.

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Azure Migration Strategies ( Talk )

Here we go!

Glad to announce that we successfully held an event about Azure Migration Services, and we talked about the service strategies and the migration technologies also the methods of the assessing your infrastructure before migrating to the cloud.

Looking forward to have more event on this topic

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Congratulations 2020-2021 Microsoft MVP!

Hello everyone,

Pleased to share with everyone, after years of works and community contributions with my heart I got the mail from Microsoft MVP Global Administration regarding with I’m selected as an MVP for 2020-2012 in Cloud and Datacenter Management field.

I just got very excited to share this news which made me very very glad and gave me so much energy to continue with activities the most power in the community.

I’ll share an article about how I became Microsoft MVP, what activities I’ve done in which areas in order to help to who wants to become a Microsoft MVP.



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