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Today I’m gonna write about Azure Virtual Machies and the Resource Provider which provides this service in Azure also the checklist which is important to keep in mind when planning for creating a VM in azure and provisioning needs.

The Resource Provider which gives this service to us to have the ability to create a Virtual Machine is Azure Compute, this is where you have access for many services to create, here I’m sharing an image from Azure Compute to see which services we have access to create.


Also here is an image I want to share to see the differences between Iaas, Paas and Saas and the responsibilities which we have and responsibilities which service provider have.


Let’s dive into the checklist which we need for creating a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure.

Provisioning VMs to Azure requires planning. Before you create a single VM be sure you have thought
about the following:
●● Start with the network
●● Name the VM
●● Decide the location for the VM
●● Determine the size of the VM
●● Understanding the pricing model
●● Storage for the VM
●● Select an operating system

After creating VirtualMachine there are many options for starting a service on VirtualMachine such as WebServer and etc…

Securing your VirtualMachine and the Service you are creating is also the one of important facotrs which you will keep in mind.


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