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Here I am again, this time wanna write a short article about the strategies that we are able use when we decide to Migrate our current datacenter to a Public Cloud ( Microsoft Azure ), well recently in the previous topics I tried to explain in detail which benefits could the service lead and how it will help you to save more than 60% of Costs in a next 6 Years of cost determination, so here also we’re going to talk about the strategies that will help us to quickli identify the needs and the steps that we need to take.

Rehost: Move quickly to the cloud (Lift and Shift) – Want to move an app with minial changes like On-prem SQL to Azure SQL – Managed Instance –

Able to leverage Iaas scalability

Apps don’t need immediate changes

Refactor: Repackagung of apps with minmal changes

Changing of a database vendor ( Switching to MySQL Managed Instance

Moving to platform as a service (Paas) – Azure SQL DB

Rearchitect: Migrate existing apps to an Azure solutions ( Azure App Service – Azure Kubernetes Service )

Modifying app funcionality and code to optimize cloud scalability

Rebuild: Rebuild an app from scratch using Azure technologies


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