What is Azure Compute services?

What is Azure Compute services?


Firstly, I want to start this article with an introduction to Azure Compute Services and have a background about Azure Compute Services. Some part of this Article is from Azure Fundamentals with AZ-900 Exam book.

Azure Compute Services is desiged for running cloud-based applications on it. It provides services such as networkings, memory, disks and processors and OS. You can use resources in an on demand basis and even in seconds after paying for the resources you want to use.

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PowerShell Arrays

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Today I’m gonna explain Powershell arrays, which is the most important part of the scripting and coding in Powershell, also having arrays in your code could help you much and ease your coding progress.

Powershell arrays provides a structured data which is combined into an array and stores a fixed-size sequential collection of elements of the any type.

In order to assign an Array, you must create a variable to include the arrays data in it, and you can specify the type of array the variable can reference. Here is the syntax for declaring an array variable.


$C = 16,2,5,1,60,3
$R = 1..6
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Check My PowerShell Scripts in TechNet Gallery

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Hope everyone is fine.

I’ve working with powershell about 5 years. I was decided to share my works through TechNet and hope that can be helpful for everyone.

Here is the links for Download Scripts.








Also check my new blog: https://Powershellclub.com

Enjoy 🙂


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