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As you know and familiar with Azure Compute Services specifically Azure Virtual Machines which is one of the important services of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft implemented many High availability and redundancy services in order to keep your Virtual Machines up without any interruption which can lead to 99.99% uptime with configuring the services in a right way.

In this article I am going to write about Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine scale sets service which can give us the ability of having up to 1000 identical virtual machine which working together in order to process a large-scale service such as big data or big computing.
It is also possible to configure Scale Sets in Microsoft Azure to act automatically. For instance when your customers request go up virtual machines can automatically be scale out also when your customer request goes down Microsoft Azure can also diminish the number of the Virtual Machines in your environment by scaling in them all.
Some benefits of Scale Sets: ( From Microsoft Azure Administrator Book )
●● All VM instances are created from the same base OS image and configuration. This approach lets you
easily manage hundreds of VMs without additional configuration tasks or network management.
●● Scale sets support the use of the Azure load balancer for basic layer-4 traffic distribution, and Azure
Application Gateway for more advanced layer-7 traffic distribution and SSL termination.
●● Scale sets are used to run multiple instances of your application. If one of these VM instances has a
problem, customers continue to access your application through one of the other VM instances with
minimal interruption.
●● Customer demand for your application may change throughout the day or week. To match customer
demand, scale sets can automatically increase the number of VM instances as application demand
increases, then reduce the number of VM instances as demand decreases. This is known as autoscale.
Scale Sets can also be configured as Manually or Automatically in the process of configuring the service.
By pointing to the Virtual Machine Scale Sets in Microsoft Azure Compute Services, you can easily find the option which can lead to have a large scaled virtual machine environment and services.

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